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Build your skillset to hone your Sales Practice with our expert-led sessions.

The Problem:

Building an effective sales practice requires the combination of two things: knowledge and experience. You don't know what you don't know, and if you don't know it, you can't practice it. There are many ways to gain knowledge of sales, but are you finding ways that are tailored to your business or industry? Are you finding resources to move beyond the Sales 101 level that most books and courses will provide? Have you revisited areas of weakness in your sales process and developed skills to address those gaps? Have you trained your mind enough to successful implement those skills on the fly in a selling environment?

Examples of Sales Training Sessions:

  • Cold-calling techniques to avoid objections

  • Closing questions and aligning on next steps

  • Understanding the "who" in your ideal customer profile

  • Navigating decision matrices to shorten sales cycles

  • How to create prospect advocates

  • Making incremental agreements to get the final yes

  • Ditching the "pitch" to connect with prospect challenges

  • Building value to justify price points

  • Identifying prospect personalities and adapting your approach

  • Negotiation Mastery

  • And much more!

The Solution:

Sales training is all about making sales easier, more fun, and more rewarding. There are always areas to refine your approach and move to more advanced levels of expertise. At RepRev, we help you move your sales practice to new heights with custom designed training sessions, in either one-on-one or small group settings, tailored to the needs of your business and industry. In 90 minute sessions, we break down the topic in fine detail with insights based on best-practices and the latest understanding of selling, discuss the questions you have to deepen your knowledge of how to implement these skills, and practice them in live-fire examples with post-session feedback provided. Whether you are a business owner or a salesperson, sales training sessions are worth their weight in gold by giving you immediately actionable skills for your next sales meeting or sales call.

How Does It Work?

Step One:


An initial 30 minute consultation will be conducted to identify the topic or topics of interest for your training sessions and to map out a basic understanding of your business, ideal customer profiles, etc...

Step Two:

Session Commitment

An agreement around scope of work will be created and agreed to by both groups around the number of sessions and timeframe in which they are to be conducted.

Step Three:


Our team will engage with you in one-on-one or small group coaching sessions tailored specifically to your needs, with all materials shared for your future use. Contents will vary by the aspects of client need. Sessions will be conducted over an online meeting platforms and recording can be made available.

Step Four:


At the conclusion of the commitment, RepRev will generate a detailed report outlining what was covered in the sessions, links to relevant content for future use, recommendations around areas of development for the business moving forward and final assessment.

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