Sales Process Audit

Fix and optimize your sales process to ensure more consistent, repeatable revenue.

The Problem:

Many small businesses lack a smart, effective sales process that can yield better, more repeatable results in the way of revenue and growth, if that have a "sales process" at all. In its absence, opportunties seep through the cracks, potential wins languish in a void of uncertainty, and time kills deals. After all that time, energy, and money spent to get a prospect's attention, the opportunity is squandered in many cases due simply to a lack of an effective, repeatable process. As companies grow, this becomes even more important as more and more salespeople are relied upon to grow revenue but often struggle to replicate and scale success.

Elements of Sales Process Audit & Optimization:

  • Audit of existing sales process to determine gaps in your current approach

  • Deep dive on wins and losses to analyze areas of optimization

  • Understandings all buyers and influencers in the decision making process

  • Review of current sales staff experience, training, and approaches

  • Design a fully customized sales process from initial outreach through to closed won deal, outline a step-by-step process to guide each opportunity in your pipeline

  • Creation and implementation of training materials to support skillset development in key areas of new sales process to ensure adoption and success.

The Solution:

Sales process auditing and optimization provides the opportunity for our experts to find the cracks and gaps in your existing process and build upon what is already working for you to become a more effective sales organization. By adapting tested and successful best practices to your business and industry, RepRev can create a fresh process-driven approach to selling that creates and sustains revenue growth. Once the new methodology has been agreed upon and fully adapted to your organization, we take the next step to implement the new process in a series of training sessions, and additionally support your sales team with skills-based trainings to augment any areas of weakness that might otherwise derail their ability to implement the process successfully. This 360-degree approach ensures your team will feel confident in the new approach, increasing adoption rates and ensuring consistent revenue growth for your organization.

How Does It Work?

Step One:

Audit & Assessment

A 90 minute paid assessment reviews in depth the current state of your sales process, your needs and goals, and the gap between your current status and where you want to be in 3-6 months. Additional audit sessions may be required depending on the maturity of your sales process.

Step Two:

Optimization Commitment

After reviewing the audit report, an agreement around scope of work will be created and agreed to by both groups to include the full scope of the project including all deliverables, training sessions, timelines, etc...

Step Three:

Sales Process Implementation

Content and materials will be delivered to map out the new fully customized sales process designed for your business. Following a review and adaptation sessions, a series of training sessions will be conducted with your team to implement the new process and answer questions and concerns.

Step Four:

Additional Skills Trainings

In addition a series of one-on-one or small groups skill training sessions will be implemented to ensure all sales staff members are equipped to execute the steps of the sales process confidently and effectively, to ensure user adoption is high to support the new sales process.

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