Sales Coaching

Your expertise is your business, not sales. Let us help you build a Sales Practice.

The Problem:

As a business owner, you have a deep, rich expertise in your products and services, but the same may not be true for the sales aspect of your business. The challenge is that the success and growth upon your business is ultimately predicated on sales and selling. How are you investing in your growth in this area? What revenue are you potentially leaving on the table because of a lack of skills or experience in key areas of sales? Perhaps even more importantly, as you grow, how are you creating replicable, sustainable systems that will create consistent revenue growth despite a growing distance between you, the business owner, and the person doing the selling on behalf of the business?

Sales Coaching Can Include:

  • Specific skills trainings on areas of improvement within the sales process

  • Advisory services around selling, market strategies, specific customer or prospect scenarios and more

  • Advisory services around sales management, hiring and retaining sales employees, sales culture, etc..

  • Sales call breakdown and post mortems

  • Leadership development

  • Communication skills and techniques

  • Negotiation Mastery

  • And much more!

The Solution:

When building a Sales Practice, it's often helpful to have an experienced coach at your disposal to unlock your maximum selling potential. At RepRev, we provide sales coaching and advisory services across a broad range of topics, either in ad hoc sessions or on a retainer basis, making sure you have experienced sales leadership and knowledge available to you as your business grows. Sales coaching is invaluable to your development as a leader by bringing your focus to the sales aspect of the business and harnessing what's already working for you and pushing it to new heights by filling in the gaps, fixing what's broken, and developing your skills to become a more confident, more relaxed, and more effective seller.

How Does It Work?

Step One:

Discovery & Assessment

A 60 minute paid assessment reviews in depth the current state of your sales organization, your needs and goals, and the gap between your current status and where you want to be in 3-6 months

Step Two:

Session Commitment

An agreement around scope of work will be created and agreed to by both groups around the number of sessions and timeframe in which they are to be conducted. Alternatively retainer-based agreements are available.

Step Three:


Our team will engage with you in one-on-one coaching sessions tailored specifically to your needs, with all materials shared for your future use. Contents will vary by the aspects of client need. Sessions will be conducted over an online meeting platforms and recording can be made available.

Step Four:


At the conclusion of the commitment, RepRev will generate a detailed report outlining what was covered in the sessions, links to relevant content for future use, recommendations around areas of development for the business moving forward and final assessment.

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