Fractional Sales Leadership

Senior sales executive-level talent, without the cost, risk, or commitment.

The Problem:

As a growing business, you are ready for expertise, leadership, and someone else to take responsibility for the majority of the revenue growth of the organization. However, finding that talented executive is hard and affording them can be a challenge. Then once they arrive, there's major legwork to be done in terms of sales process design and optimization, training resources to be build out, tools and technology to be implemented, etc.. The average tenure of a VP of Sales is less than two years in many industries. Are you really as ready for that hire as you think you are? Have you built the infrastructure to have that executive hit the ground running, be successful, and make your investment in them worthwhile?

Advantages of a Fractional Sales Leader:

  • CRO talent at a fraction of the cost of a full time experienced sales leader

  • Short term commitment - it allows you to dial up and down involvement as dictated by business need. CRO as a Service!

  • Apply savings from salary, benefits, etc... towards the cost of other initiatives in the short run

  • Create a more professional sales environment for your eventual hire to step into, speeding up their success and helping reduce turnover

  • Revenue growth, new business development, and customer account management.

The Solution:

Fractional sales leadership brings our experts to the table to lead your sales organization at a far lower cost than the full salary and benefits of an experienced senior sales executive. By engaging a fractional sales leader first, you can create a mature and professional selling environment within your company, optimize processes, implement technologies, and create sophisticated sales trainings. This not only generates revenue in the short term for your business but allows your eventual full-time CRO or VP of Sales to focus on other, more impactful aspects of selling, speeding up their success and shortening the window between hiring and revenue growth. Consider a fractional sales leader with RepRev before you make that next senior sales hire. In many cases, you can't afford not to.

How Does It Work?

Step One:

Discovery & Assessment

A 90 minute paid assessment reviews in depth the current state of your sales organization, your needs and goals, and the gap between your current status and where you want to be in 3-6 months

Step Two:

Scope of Work

An agreement around scope of work will be agreed upon by both groups detailing the specifics of the engagement and deliverables over the length of the engagement

Step Three:


Our team will engage with your in a brief series of sessions to deep dive into your products, services, ideal customer profiles, sales enablement materials, tools, technologies, and current processes.

Step Four:


Your fractional sales leader will sell, train, and resource your organization to build out a mature and successful selling environment ensuring both short term revenue growth and long term improvements to serve your eventual full-time sales leader.

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